How to Check Your Credit Score Before Applying for Apple Card

As Apple enthusiasts in the US have started receiving their Apple Cards, many are still waiting for their turn. However, it is important to check your credit score before you apply for Apple Card. Here's how you can check your credit report and score.

Ever since the announcement of Apple Card, Apple enthusiasts are looking forward to getting their hands on this 0% fee credit card specially designed to live inside your iPhone in the Apple Wallet app.

Apple has already rolled out Apple Card for the early birds in the US and is currently accepting applications for the next lot as well. If you are planning to apply for an Apple Card, it is a pretty simple application process that can be done from your iPhone itself.

However, If you are still deciding whether or not to apply for Apple Card, here’s our special guide that compares the coveted card with other cards present in the market.

Things to Know Before You Apply for An Apple Card

As mentioned above, applying for an Apple Card is pretty simple, though you should check a few things before you apply, so as to ensure your application is not rejected.

Per a support document released by Apple, Goldman Sachs will be reviewing the applications for your (?) on the basis of your credit score, credit report and the income reported on your application.

Basically, credit score tells the evaluator how you use and pay off debt. Everything from your debt payments to your loan accounts to your foreclosures are evaluated in order to determine your credit score.

In a nutshell, your credit score and the details on your credit report, such as the amount of credit already utilized on your existing credit lines could make or break your chances of getting an Apple Card. Moreover, your mileage is dependent on your credit score, so, it is of utmost importance to evaluate your credit score before applying for Apple Card.

How to Check Your Credit Score Before Applying for Apple Card

  • Head to any of the three credit bureaus i.e. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, to get your credit score evaluated. However, be mindful to cancel all free trials, before the monthly fees is charged/incurred/imposed.
  • Many banks and credit card companies such as Chase, Discover and Citi offer free credit score evaluation.
  • You can even ask your current bank or credit card company, as they can provide a free credit score to you.
  • You can also visit websites such as Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, which/that evaluate your credit score for free.

While using a free service, your credit score may be from one or two of the three credit bureaus and never all three. Notably, it is a possibility that different sourced awards you varying credit scores. (Complex sentence)

You’re entitled by the law to avail a free annual copy of your credit report. In case you have an issue or find an error with the report, a dispute can be raised with TransUnion. If you have an active credit freeze with TransUnion, do remember to remove it before you apply for Apple Card.

Signing off…

If you have had been mindful of your credit score and credit report in the past, your path for an Apple Card will purportedly (use another adverb) a smooth one. To know more about Apple Card, its application, payments, and other details download our iOS app.

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