Ever since WhatsApp on Web feature has been enabled on iPhone, users have gone gaga over this new facility. Now iPhone users can easily send and receive messages from the comfort of their computers and manage WhatsApp group from WhatsApp Web.

A step further, they can upload videos and images from laptops/personal computers. We have explored this feature in detail and come up with this feature of changing WhatsApp profile picture and status from Web.

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How to Change Profile Picture from WhatsApp Web

It's lot easier than what you are doing on the small screen of your smartphone. You can explore your exhaustive library of photos stored on the big hard drive of computer; or download from Google Photos, Facebook, Dropbox or any other social media.

Like iPhone, this feature too allows you to capture your selfie by using web camera installed or mounted on PC. So, here is your chance to change WhatsApp profile picture from web. Read on…

How to Change WhatsApp Profile Picture from WhatsApp Web

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Step #1. First off, enable WhatsApp web with your iPhone.

Step #2. Now click on your profile picture (top left).

Click on your Profile Picture in WhatsApp Web

Your profile picture and status will appear on the screen. Hover the mouse, and a text will be seen under the Camera icon: CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO.

Step #3. Click on your Profile Picture.

Click on Change Profile Picture in WhatsApp Web

A menu will appear with three options: Take photo, Upload photo, and Remove photo. If you want to take a new photo from the web camera, click on the first option of Take photo. With the help of a web camera, click a picture and it will appear as your profile picture immediately.

Options to Change WhatsApp Profile Picture

And to upload a new photo, click on Upload photo. Once you click on Upload photo, you will be prompted to select a photo from your computer. Select your choice of photo from a folder and the same will appear as your profile picture. Before you hit the Done button, you can drag the image to adjust, or you can use Plus and Minus button to increase and decrease the size of the picture.

If you are satisfied by the adjustment, hit the Done button and your profile picture will be set. This change will be reflected on your iPhone also.

If you don't want to keep any photo, just click on Remove photo. A dialog box will appear with two options: CANCEL and REMOVE. Click on REMOVE, and the existing profile picture will be removed.

Remove WhatsApp Profile Picture

Now, let's check how you can change your WhatsApp status from the web.

Below your profile picture, you can see your WhatsApp status.

How to Change WhatsApp Status from WhatsApp Web

Step #1. Click on your profile picture → Click on Edit option (icon of a pencil). Once you click on that Edit icon, a cursor and an emoticon will be enabled.

Change WhatsApp Status from WhatsApp Web

Step #2. Now write your status in less than 130 characters.

Step #3. Choose a suitable emoticon by clicking on its icon.

How to Change WhatsApp Status from WhatsApp Web

Step #4. Now click on the Tick mark next to the icon of emoticon.

Your status will be saved immediately, and the change will be reflected on your iPhone also.

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