Apple put that ‘slide to unlock’ feature a long time back on the iPhone. In 2007. And it has remained so ever since. Knowing Apple, they wouldn’t ever let you change that text.

That’s why jailbreak folks are cool. There have been plenty of tweaks that allow you to change the ‘slide to unlock’ text to anything of your choice. We’ve got iGeeksBlog beaming at us when I switch on my iPhone!

Here are the Cydia Tweaks that let you change “Slide to Unlock” text on your iPhone or iPad:

  • LabelSlider
  • iSlideText
  • Slider Enhancer
  • tapUnlock (puts a button to tap)

The last one actually doesn’t let you customize the slide to unlock bar. It just puts a button with ‘tap to unlock’ text. Tapping this unlocks the screen.

LabelSlider Cydia Tweak

Of the others, I’ve got LabelSlider working perfectly for my iPhone running iOS 6.1. That’s the recommended tweak but you are free to explore the other two too.

Here’s how to change the ‘slide-to-unlock’ text using LabelSlider

1). Open Cydia
2). Look for a tweak called “LabelSlider” (not LabelSlide).
3). Once you’ve searched and located the tweak, Install it.
4). Respring your iPhone.

Once you’ve respring your iPhone, you’ll need to enable and customize the tweak.

1). Go to Settings
2). Scroll down and tap on LabelSlider
3). Enable the tweak. Toggle ON.
4). Enable custom text too.
5). Enter the text that you want to be shown instead of ‘slide to unlock’

How to Change the Slide to Unlock Text On iPhone

6). Done! Just press the power button once to turn off the screen. Then press it again (or home button) to see the lock screen. The tweak should’ve changed the text.

A quick video on how to use LabelSlider to Change “Slide to Unlock” Text:

So that’s how you change the slider text on the iPhone.

LabelSlider is a free tweak available on the BigBoss repo.