Having different icon shapes for the app icons on iPhone (iOS 7) is for people who like to tinker with the look of the iPhone. And that’s about a lot of people. With Winterboard getting updated to support iOS 7 and ARM7 devices, a lot of theme developers have been hard at work creating various icon themes.

But one thing that has been interesting is icon masking. What if you can change the icon shape to a circle or a star or something more bizarre? Well, you don’t have to imagine or visualize it: you can have it on your iPhone with a brand new tweak called Icon Masks.

Icon Masks Cydia tweak To Change Icon shapes On iOS 7

Icon Masks is a Winterboard theme – more of a huge bunch of icon masks that let you change the shape of the icon on the springboard of your iPhone. The iOS 7-specific theme is not just a theme for users but even developers of Winterboard themes can make use of the theme (incorporating them in their theme).

Icon Masks presents an easy way for altering the shape of the icons. You have a huge collection: 38 shapes with 88 mask options to choose from. All of these are listed in Winterboard’s “Select Theme” preference pane.

While you can select multiple icon masks at once, only one gets applied – obviously. You can alter the priority of the masks under Winterboard. The icon mask will alter the whole icon set: icons on the springboard and icons on the dock. Shapes include: circle, heart, star, sea star, blob, eye, tree, leafy, rounded, squished etc.

So when you change the icon shape, what happens to the icons that you read information directly from? Like the Calendar icon that shows the date or the clock icon that shows the time? While the latter has not much significance as you can see the time on the status bar, a fix has been promised by the developers for the Calendar icon where icon masks can distort the date. Also, some centering issues are up on the cards.

Icon Masks can be downloaded for free from Cydia (ModMyi repo). The tweak requires Winterboard and if you don’t have it installed, installing Icon Masks will automatically install the dependencies including Winterboard.