Maybe naming that album “Photos” wasn't really a good idea? There are many times when an album begins to contain pictures that the name of the album doesn't describe well. In those cases, it's best to rename them accordingly.

So on an iPhone or an iPad, how do you change the name of the photo album? It's one of the simplest things you can do, and that's precisely what we're going to see.

How to Change The Name of A Photo Album in iPhoneChanging the name of an album in iPhone/iPad is pretty easy. Of course, note that you can't change the name of the Camera Roll by default. But with all other albums that you create, you can tweak the name all the time.

On iPhone

How to Rename Photo Album on iPhone

Step #1. Open the Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on the “Edit” button on top-right.

Step #3. Now, just tap on the name of the album that you want to rename. Tap exactly on the text so that the editing option shows up.

Step #4. Just rename the album now and tap on “Done” on top-right.

Step #5. That's it. Your job's done.

If you do want to change the name of the Camera Roll (and also, it's position), you can use a Cydia tweak called Photo Organizer. We've got a video tutorial on that so make sure you check that out!

On iPad:

Renaming Photo Album on iPad

Process is pretty much the same on an iPad too.

Step #1. Open the Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on “Edit.”

Step #3. Now tap on the name of the album you want to edit. The text can now be edited.

Step #4. Rename and tap on “Done.”

So that was how you can edit album names easily on your iPhone and iPad.

Got any questions regarding the Photos app/Camera on your iPhone? Shoot one in the comments!

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  • Guest

    Useless advice. Did not work.

  • Charzollinger

    Holy spell check slaughter – sorry.

    Is there a way to edit the photo’s name (not the album but individual pic)? So instead of a photo name of “jpg 123456”, I could name it “milk”. Thank.

    • Haha interesting question but no, you can’t change the name of the photo.

  • Charzollinger

    Is there a way to edit the photo’s name (not the albums but individual pic)? Pap instead of a phone name of “jpg 123456”, I can have a photo name of “milk”. Thank m

  • Jon

    When I click “Edit”, all of the albums, which were “brightly colored” before I clicked, suddenly become “greyed-out” and are unresponsive to anything. iPad, IOS8.1