With macOS Sierra, iMessaging has become more interesting. Features like Tapback has brought a lot of fun into the play, haven’t they?

Whenever I have spare time, I read old messages. It takes me back to the forgotten days; reminding me of the great moments. In order to make reading more convenient, I adjust the text size as per need.

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How to Adjust Font Size in macOS SierraIf you are not happy with the default text size in Messages, follow this guide to fine tune it.

How to Adjust the Font Size in Messages App on Mac in macOS Sierra

Step #1. Open Messages app on your Mac → Next, click on Messages in the Menu bar.

Step #2. Now, click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Messages App in macOS Sierra
Step #3. Click and drag the slider next to Text size in order to change the size of the text.

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Change Text Size for Messages App in macOS Sierra

You need to drag the slider towards left to make the text size of Messages smaller and drag it towards the right to enlarge it.

(If you are having older OS on your Mac)

Step #3. Click on the drop-down menu next to Text size.

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Click on Dropdown Menu in Text Time in macOS Sierra

Step #4. Click on Other.

Click on Other in Messages Settings on Mac

Step #5. Either select your preferred text size or adjust the same by dragging the slider (Up/Down).

Adjust Font Size in Messages App on Mac

That’s it!

There are several ways you can enhance your iMessaging experience. As for instance, there is a way to change the download location of the received files, customize notifications and more.

However, Messages for iOS 10 is still way better than its counterpart on macOS. Features like Digital Touch, Markup make iMessaging on the latest iOS ecosystem a great pleasure.

As per rumors, Apple is considering to make its Messages app available on Android as well. Having received positive feedback from Android users who have enjoyed Apple Music on their devices, the tech giant is toying with the idea of unleashing iMessaging on iOS’ rival ecosystem. As and when it happens, it can be really interesting to indulge into iMessaging with Android users.

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