How to Change the System Accent Color in macOS Mojave on Mac

You've got an option to set a range of system accent colors on your Mac running macOS Mojave. Refer this guide to find out how it works the right way!

Mojave has got multiple accent colors. That means you’ve got more flexibility to tweak the UI elements. So, if you ever find the going a bit dull, don’t fail to perfectly adjust system accent color on your Mac running macOS Mojave.

Mojave lets you customize several UI elements like popup menus, app menus, menu bar, focus fields, text and file selections, radio buttons etc. Another notable thing about it is that when you tweak the accent color, it automatically changes highlight color to make a right match.

How to Customize System Accent and Highlight Color in macOS Mojave

Do note that highlight color is restricted to only the text you choose. In the latest macOS, you get the option to differentiate it from the accent color.

Step #1. Click on Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Click on System Prefences in macOS Mojave

Step #2. Now, click on General.

Click on General in macOS Mojave System Preferences

Step #3. Check out the Accent Color option located under Appearance. It’s set to blue by default. With the addition of six more new Accent Colors, you have got as many as 7 options to experiment.

Customize System Accent Color in macOS Mojave

So, pick out a fine one depending on what seems nice to you. The Highlight Color will instantly change to match. However, you can choose a different hue for it.

Once you have selected the preferred hue, check out how they work. To check Accent hue, click on app menu or radios. To see, how cool the highlight color looks, select any text in your file.

And, that’s it!

Stay Tuned for More!

Mojave is considered to be a big update for macOS. With a range of all new features, it’s got plenty up its sleeve to win users. Beyond the all-new add-ons, what has caught my attention in the operating system is the improved performance and stability. Besides, the introduction of some iOS apps like Stocks and Apple News seems to have kick-started a new era of universal apps.

What do you think of the OS? Toss up your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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