The Mail app in Mac OS X El Capitan has delivered some very useful features. One of them is the swipe left gesture to Archive or Trash any email. By default, a simple left swipe gesture will delete your email from inbox. This feature is certainly very useful if you are getting tons of emails daily.

At the same time it is also a headache, as there are high chances of deleting an email accidentally. Thanks to Apple for giving us a window to change this feature from preferences. Below we have given a step-by-step guide on changing swipe left gestures to archive in mail app.

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How to Change Swipe Left Gesture to Archive in Mail App

How to Change Swipe Left Gesture to Archive in Mail App in Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #1. First launch the Mail app and Click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Mail App on Mac

Step #2. Click on Viewing tab.

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Click on Viewing Tab in Mac OS X

Step #3. Look for label “Swipe Left to:”.

Swipe Left for Option in Mac Mail App Settings

Step #4. By default it will be set to “Trash“, so change it to “Archive“.

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Change Swipe Left Gesture to Archive in Mail App

Step #5. Close preferences and return to your inbox.

Step #6. Test the new preference by swiping left on any email; it will be moved to Archives instead of being deleted.

That’s it, now you will never accidentally delete any email by swiping left. Yes, there are chances you might send an email to archives, which is far better than deleting an email. As of now, there is no option to completely remove this feature apart from changing the swipe function.

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Have you ever deleted a very important email accidentally? What did you do to recover it? Share with us by commenting below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.