How to change Spotify language setting on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to Change Your Spotify Language on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Spotify is a popular streaming service that offers a huge library of songs spread across many languages. Further, the makers empower users to navigate the app in a language of their preference. Yes, you’ve read it right! This guide will demonstrate how you can change Spotify language on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Why you should change Spotify language

Changing language in Spotify is bliss if you have limited linguistic skills or learning a new language. Let’s see how you can use this trick to uplift your musical journey:

  • You can navigate and explore the platform more effectively in your preferred language.
  • It enhances the overall user experience by allowing you to understand various features, settings, and menus.
  • Enjoying music in a certain language helps you in cultural immersion and vocabulary learning.

How to change Spotify language on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Spotify on your iPhone → Tap Settings icon → Select Languages.

    Tap Settings, App's language in Spotify
  2. Tap Add Language → Continue. Now, you will be redirect to iPhone Settings, from where you can change the app language.

    tap add language, continue in spotify
  3. Now, select Language and choose your preferred language. I have opted for Espanol.

    tap language, select your language in settings
  4. Force quit and relaunch the Spotify app.

That’s it! Now, you will see all app options, settings, and menus in your chosen language. However, your recommendations will not be affected.

Further, if you want to explore music in a different language, you can change your music language preferences on the app. Thereafter, Spotify will start recommending music in those languages.

Change the language of songs on Spotify

  1. Launch Spotify → Select Settings icon → Tap Languages.
  2. Tap Music Languages.
  3. Now, toggle on the languages you prefer.

    Tap music language, select any language in Spotify

How to change Spotify language on Mac

  1. Access Spotify on your Mac.
  2. Click your profile → Select Settings.

    Click your profile, settings in Spotify
  3. Access the drop-down menu beside Language.

    Click the drop-down menu in Languages on Spotify
  4. Select any of the available languages.
  5. Click Restart App when prompted.

    Click Restart App on Spotify
  6. As the page is refreshed, the changes will be acted upon accordingly.

    Spotify app in different language

Note: This procedure is the same for Spotify app in browser.


Will changing the language settings affect my music library or playlists?

No, changing the app language in Spotify will not have any impact on your music library or playlists. If you want a music playlist in other languages, change the music language settings.

What languages are available for me to choose from on Spotify?

Spotify offers a wide range of languages. However, the availability may vary depending on your device’s region.

Will changing the language settings affect the search results or recommendations in Spotify?

Changing the app language settings will not affect the search results or recommendations in Spotify. However, adding a new music language preference will personalize the suggestions based on your listening habits.

Hola amigo!

By customizing Spotify’s language to your preference, you can seamlessly navigate the app and enjoy your favorite music in a familiar setting. Remember, Spotify offers a wide selection of languages, so don’t hesitate to explore new linguistic horizons.

Thank you for reading. If any, don’t hesitate to drop your concerns in the comment section below.

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