The Camera app of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has added some cool tricks such as Time Lapse and many other tools for video recording. While most of them are easily discernible, a few tricks might not have been discovered as yet by many camera lovers.

How To Change Slow Motion Video Recording Speed in iOS 8 On iPhone

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The newest iPhone has added 240 FPS as the default choice for Slo-mo video recording. Earlier, the maximum you could go by just 120 FPS. So, it is exactly double the speed what it was before. Though the picture quality of slow-motion video is pretty attractive, they might just clutter your device for space. Hence, you might just require keeping this default option in check.

How To Change Slow Motion Video Recording Speed in iOS 8 on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Step #1. Launch Camera App and swipe to the right till you find the Slo- Mo video recording section.

Step #2. Tap on the 240 FPS (generally, it is set by default). When you tap on it, 120 FPS will be selected.

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Change Slow Motion Video Recording Speed On iPhone in iOS 8

Step #3. Tap on the red button to start the video recording. You can also check out at which speed a video is being recorded in the corner of the view finder. To change it again, stop video recording and then tap on the label.

That’s it!

When Apple introduced slow-motion video recording, it was just limited to 120 which is still there but now you’ve got the option to choose as per need.

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For those having 64 or 128 GB iPhone 6/6 Plus might not face any difficulty due to the huge size of the videos recorded at 240 FPS but it always pays to know the trick.

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If the rumour mills prove right, the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 might feature the best ever Camera app with 13 megapixels and two lens DSLR imagery. So, if you are waiting for great things to come for Camera app, it might just be the cake on the icing.