How to Change the Safari Search Engine on Mac

How to Change Default Search Engine in Safari on Mac
Google has long been a leader when it comes to search engines. It’s hence the default Safari search engine. However, it’s well known that Google collects a lot of your data, which is a dealbreaker for many people. So in case you want to change the default search engine in Safari on Mac, it’s just as easily done as changing your web browser. There are three alternatives to Google Search, namely Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Of these, DuckDuckGo is particularly useful if privacy is your top priority, and you want to protect your data. So let’s see how we can change the settings.

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Safari in macOS

  1. Open the Safari browser on Mac and click on the ‘Safari’ menu at the top left
  2. Go to Preferences.Click on Safari and Select Preferences on Mac
  3. In the pop-up window, click on the Search tab. (Here, you can see a drop-down menu with a label Search Engine.)Click on Search Tab in Safari Preferences on Mac
  4. Select your choice of search engine from the drop-down menu. Your options are DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.Change Default Search Engine in Safari on Mac
  5. Close the window and your settings will be automatically applied. Now, whenever you search in Safari, your chosen search engine will be used to show the results.
Wrapping Up Since it’s so easy to change the default search engine in Safari on Mac, why not try out all four options to decide which one you prefer. Some people like to use more than one search engine so that their search history isn’t concentrated in just one place. For instance, you could use Google for work, Bing for casual searches, and DuckDuckGo when you want more privacy in your browsing. You might also like to read this: So we hope that’s been helpful. Let us know what your preferred search engine is in the comments below.
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