How to Change or Customize Apple Watch Face in Just 8 Steps

By now, some of the luckiest ones of you may have received your Apple Watch. As you have embraced your gorgeous time keeping device right on your wrist, you must be looking for ways to customize it to give your personal touch.

Do you know that you can not only change but also customize the Apple Watch face as desired? Moreover, by selecting your favorite colors, adding complications which are the small sub-feature windows that show information from other apps such as, Weather, World Time, Calendar and more, you would be able to design a nice-looking Apple Watch face.

How to Change Face on Apple Watch

There are currently ten watch faces available in the watch face gallery. They are Modular, Mickey Mouse, Color, Motion, Solar, Simple, Utility, X-Large, Chronograph and Astronomy. However, more watch faces are likely to be available through update. Willing to change and customize your Apple Watch face quickly in just 8 steps? Let’s go!

How to Change and customize Your Apple Watch Face

Step #1. First off, double press the Digital Crown to go the watch face in case you are not there. Then, press firmly on the watch face to go to the watch face gallery.

Step #2. Swipe left or right to view the available watch faces.

Step #3. Once you have liked any watch face; simply tap on it to set it as your Apple Watch face.
But, if you want to customize the watch face, tap on Customize if it is available in order to change the detail level colors as well as complications. The number of dots, which are seen at the top of the screen, indicate how many options are available.

Step #4. Next up, you can turn the Digital Crown in order to increase or decrease the detail level if it is available.

There is a progress indicator on the right that displays the number of options remaining above and below your current rotation point.

Step #5. Simply swipe from right to left to go to the next screen. If you desire to cycle through the colors if available, you just need to turn the Digital Crown.

Step #6. Up next, swipe from right to left to go to the next screen. Tap on a complication to choose if it is available. (There are watch faces like Astronomy and Solar which don’t have complications to choose from.) If you want to check out more complications, just turn the Digital Crown.

Step #7. Once you have customized the watch face, press the Digital Crown.

Step #8. Tap on the screen to set it as a new watch face.

That’s it!

How to Delete a Apple Watch Face

What if you no longer like a particular watch face or you think that there are too many useless watch faces on your Apple Watch, how would you delete them? It’s pretty simple to get rid of any watch face which you don’t want to keep any more. Let’s find out!

Step #1. Press firmly on the watch face to go to the watch face gallery.

Step #2. Swipe left or right to cycle through the available watch faces.

Step #3. Select the watch face which you no longer want and then simply swipe it up.

Step #4. Tap on Delete.

That’s all there is to it!