How to Use Instant Tuning in iOS 12 to Manage Notifications from LockScreen

Time to stop alerts from distracting you! With iOS 12 Instant Tuning, you can customize notification settings right from the Lock screen on your iPhone and iPad. Let's dive right in to get going...

Managing notifications had always been a bit tedious on iOS devices. But that long drawn theory seems to have changed now for the better. And one of the finest examples of how much things have improved could be the option to change notification settings right from the Lock screen in iOS 12.

So, if you find an app bombarding your NC, you can quickly configure the settings to keep the distraction at bay. Along with notification grouping, it’s the one feature that I have found very appreciable. They can play a significant role in keeping Notification Center uncluttered.

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How to Use Instant Tuning to Change Notifications from iOS 12 LockScreen

Step #1. Bring up Notification Center on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, swipe left on an alert and tap on “Manage.”

Swipe Left on Notification and Tap on Manage

Alternately, you can just touch and hold an alert → tap on ellipses (•••)

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Tap on Notification and Tap on Three Dots on iPhone

Step #3. Next, a menu will show up on the screen.

Now, you have two options:

Deliver Quietly: It will make the alerts skip the Lock screen and directly go to the Notification Center. Besides, you won’t hear any sound and vibrations. But the app’s badge will continue to show up.

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Turn Off: It lets you completely disable notifications from the app.

Options to Change Notifications Settings from iPhone Lock Screen

Tip: At any time you want the alert to arrive on LS in full-fledged form, go to the app’s notification and swipe left on it. Then, tap on “Manage,” and select “Deliver Prominently.”

Change Notifications Settings from iOS 12 Lock Screen

Change Notification Settings

If you wish to customize the notifications even further, tap on Settings. It will take you directly to app’s notification settings. There you will have multiple options to manage the appearance of its notifications. For instance, you can completely turn off notification, choose a banner style, configure notification grouping, etc.

Customize Notifications on iPhone in iOS 12

That’s it!

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