How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid in Mac OS X El Capitan

The default display of Launchpad on your Mac can be customized with a single command. Now change or customize the number of column and row of icons displayed on Launchpad.

On Mac OS X El Capitan, you have different options to launch or open any application. You can click on the Dock or Spotlight Search, or you can use Launchpad to click-open the app. Launchpad looks like a Home screen of your iPhone or iPad, and perhaps, therefore, many users have a fondness for the same.

On your Mac, you can see icons of apps in default seven rows and five columns. If you are fed up with this default display, you can customize the grid that you see every day in the morning. But this one is not just a clicking-affair as you have to copy-paste the command lines of OS X in your system. The result would indeed surprise you as you can adjust the number of apps you want to show or see on the Mac.

How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid on Mac

If you are a sort of user that hates the very thought of using Terminal, you should stop reading this. Sorry to be rude but you are cut out for that default Launchpad only.

How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid in Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #1. Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities or using Spotlight search.

Open Terminal on Mac

Step #2. Now type in the below-written command syntax.

Note that you need to change the numbers as per the columns and grid icons you want to display.

defaults write springboard-columns -int X;defaults write springboard-rows -int X;defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE;killall Dock

If you want to display Launchpad grid to 4 (columns) x 5 (rows), change the above command as below:

defaults write springboard-columns -int 4;defaults write springboard-rows -int 5;defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE;killall Dock

Change Launchpad Icon Grid Layout in Mac OS X

Step #3. Now press the Return and wait for Dock and Launchpad to refresh.

Step #4. Open the Launchpad and see the difference in the grid.

You can pack many icons in the grid if you want. By using the same command, you can go back to the default display of grid.

You would also like to know some other useful commands to make other changes in the Launchpad layout.

To set Launchpad column icon number:

defaults write springboard-columns -int X

To set the Launchpad Row App Icon number:

defaults write springboard-rows -int X

To reset Launchpad:

defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE;

To re-launch the Dock with killall:

Killall Dock

Go ahead and play with the grid displaying icons on Launchpad.

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