There are many ways you can customize the interface of your iPhone or iPad. Setting gorgeous wallpapers for Lockscreen and Homescreen is one of them. iPhone users like setting wallpapers on their device in accordance with the colors of their cloths, accessories or more. Some even select wallpapers to go nicely with particular seasons.

While it feels really great to set new wallpapers on iPhone, users have to do it manually. And when they forget to do so, their iPhones remain with same wallpapers for days until they just can't keep them any longer. Is there any way, you can change wallpapers on iPhone automatically?

How to Change iPhone Wallpapers AutomaticallyWallmart Cydia tweak for iOS 8 is capable of changing wallpapers on home screen and lockscreen of your iPhone or iPad automatically. You can use this tweak to change wallpaper whenever you lock your device. Moreover, it allows you to change wallpaper with activator gesture or if you wish, you can set an interval of time in which you want the wallpapers to change.

Whatever changes you make in Wallmart’s preferences have an immediate effect as it doesn’t require any respring.

How to Automatically Change the Wallpaper of iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Install Wallmart from BigBoss repo for free. Once you have installed this tweak, launch Settings app.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Wallmart.

Wallmart iOS 8 Cydia TweakStep #3. Now, you will have two options #1. Wallmart and #2. Interwall and moments.

Wallmart Cydia Tweak Main OptionsYou can choose any of the two options and configure the settings as desired.

#1. Wallmart

If you go to Wallmart setting, you will have options to select Mode such as Lockscreen and Homescrren. You can choose to select either of the two or you can select both. There is an option to configure Blur settings as well. If you want your device to change wallpapers during a certain period of time, you can set Cycle settings In addition, you will have option to choose photo albums to appear on Lockscreen and Homescreen. You will have option to allow photos from Camera Roll or Instagram.

Photo Albums Options in Wallmart Cydia TweakEnable Blur in Wallmart Cydia TweakWallmart Cydia Tweak Cycle Settings

#2. Interwall and moments

If you go to Interwall and moments, you can change the default interval which is 60 seconds. Besides, you can configure set moments to change wallpaper at a particular time. Moreover, you will have the option to switch on shuffle wallpapers. These apart, it will also have option to blur settings, select photo albums for Lockscreen as well as Homescreen. Here again, you will have option to allow photos to appear from Camera Roll or Instagram.

Interwall and Moments Option in Wallmart Cydia Tweak

At any time, if you don’t want the wallpaper of your device to change automatically; you can disable Wallmart in its preferences. It’s a good tweak with pretty simple yet interesting functionality. If you wish to make your iPhone’s wallpaper appear always new, give this tweak a try.