When you jailbreak your iPhone, you are given the keys to changing almost everything about your iPhone. And that includes the default system font.

Now, we know this is pretty old – as old as gold – but it’s still as good as new. BytaFont is an awesome Cydia tweak / app that lets you change the font on your iPhone.

I see a lot of people asking if it’s possible to change the font on the iPhone without jailbreaking. Unless you’re the nerd who can SSH into the fonts cache (system files) of your iPhone and change the stuff there, it’s hardly possible. So the answer is No, you can’t change the system font on your iPhone without jailbreaking.

Change System Font on iPhone

BytaFont (which means change font in Swedish) lets you download and configure the system fonts on your iPhone. This basically changes the font everywhere on the iPhone but you can, of course, configure it to apply only to specific areas.

How to Change Font Style on iPhone or iPad:

Install BytaFont

  • Open Cydia
  • Search for BytaFont and install it
  • If asked to respring the device, you just respring it.

Install Fonts for BytaFont
BytaFont is like Cydia: it’s a place from where you can control fonts and their application. You will have to download font files manually from either Cydia or from within BytaFont. Here’s how to download fonts:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Sections in the bottom menuAdd Fonts to Bytafont
  • Scroll down to find Fonts
  • Almost all fonts listed are compatible with BytaFont. Download the one you want from this list.

Applying the Font

  • Open BytaFontInstall Bytafont Cydia Tweak
  • Now, tap on Basic from the menu (bottom)
  • The font you downloaded should be displayed here in the list. If not, it means the font isn’t compatible.
  • Select the font and you will be asked to respring. Tap on Yes on the popup dialog.
  • Once your iPhone resprings, you’re done! The new font will be displayed.

BytaFont is available on the ModMyi repo for free.

Install Bytafont Cydia Tweak