Changing app icons after you jailbreak needs absolutely no introduction. There are themes that can be applied, there are tweaks that specifically work to change your iPhone app icons. But what if you want to do this all without jailbreaking?

Now, we know there are plenty of web-based solutions but here's something out of the ordinary: an iPhone/iPad app (on the App Store) that will let you customize/change/create new app icons for the apps on your springboard.

This iPhone+iPad app, Iconical, will let you change the app icons for apps that you want to customize. If you're the type that dives right in rather than read the manual, jump to the bottom of the post and grab the app while it lasts.

How to Change App Icons Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone and iPad with Iconical App

Iconical does not change the app icon of the app itself. It's more of a workaround because without jailbreaking, that's as much as you can get. But for a workaround, it's pretty good.

Using Iconical

Once you download the app from the store, you can use the app just as you'd use any other app.

  • Tap on Iconical from the springboard
  • Tap ‘Select App'
  • Pick an app from the list
  • Now, you can tap on the camera icon to take a photo or choose from one of your photo albums
  • You can also enter an image URL if the image is online
  • You can then make edits, draw stuff, change brush colors etc.
  • Once done, you are asked to enter a name for the new icon that'll be created
  • After typing a name, you will be asked to hit the share button and tap on ‘Add to Homescreen' the way you add websites in Safari to the home screen.
  • That's it.

While Iconical is a great app to change app icons without jailbreaking, there are two downsides. Firstly, the app icon does not replace the icon on the existing. Instead, a new app icon appears on your springboard. Tapping this takes you to the app.

Suppose you created a new icon for Dropbox and created that icon, your original Dropbox app still remains with the old Dropbox icon. The new icon also appears. So you have two apps (icons) that point to the same app. You might want to put the old one in a remote folder.

Secondly, there is a slight delay in opening the app because when you tap on the new icon, it opens a white screen which then redirects to the original app.

Barring these two slight downsides, Iconical is a great solution if you are willing to shell out $2. The biggest benefit is that you don't have to jailbreak.

Speaking of icons, you might also want to check out how to add more icons to the dock, springboard etc.

Download Iconical

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