Zeppelin, the popular tweak that lets you change the carrier logo on your iPhone, is now updated to support iOS 7. I think after Cydia Installer’s update, everything is moving pretty fast and tweaks are rapidly becoming iOS 7-compatible.

To the uninitiated, Zeppelin is the Cydia tweak that lets you change the logo of the carrier to anything else. Zeppelin comes pre-packaged with some cool logos that you can use right away but it also lets you add more customized icons/logos.

Change iPhone's Carrier Logo on iOS 7 with Zeppelin Cydia Tweak

How to Change iPhone’s Carrier Logo on iOS 7

You will find Zeppelin on Cydia. Since it’s updated recently, let Cydia refresh the packages once when you launch. Up next, look for Zeppelin and install it. A respring after the install should get you started. Changing the carrier logo is simple: head over to Settings → Zeppelin and pick the logo of your choice.

Zeppelin works on the iPhone and iPad. It changes the carrier logo instantly so there’s no need to respring (unlike in previous versions). That’s one big change that’s going to be a huge advantage.

Zeppelin also lets you use your own images (or the icons you get from the web).

Using Your Own Logos

There’s a bit of technical stuff involved here but basically, it’s just two things:

  • Your icons need to be formatted properly as non-retina png files and retina png files.
  • You’ll need iFile to put them into the /Library/Zeppelin folder.

You can pick up from this thread and follow the link for the manual. Or you can just check out the Zeppelin folder in your iPhone/iPad and see how the icons are formated.

Zeppelin Is Not Working!?

Update: Mobile Substrate now updated. Check out this post on upgrading the Substrate.

Some – or probably a lot of – users have faced problems with Zeppelin not working as intended. Like we keep saying, this is a Mobile Substrate issue and till evad3rs and Saurik finish tweaking Mobile Substrate for iOS 7, you might have to try re-installing Mobile Substrate and use Zeppelin. Might take a few attempts before Zeppelin kicks in.

Zeppelin is available for free on the ModMyi repo.