How to Change Apple Watch Face Color and Style in watchOS 3 [Video]

If you are willing to give your Apple Watch face a cool look, customize the colors and style of the watch face to your heart’s liking.

I am very fond of customization. In order to ensure my Apple Watch looks charming, I keep it thoroughly entertained with attractive bands. Besides, I keep on customizing the watch face style and colors as per my liking every now and then to make sure my smartwatch remain in the top gear.

There are two ways you can customize the color and style of your Apple Watch. While one way is to get it done right from your smartwatch, the other way is to do it via iPhone. Both methods are pretty easy. Let’s find out!

How to Customize Apple Watch Face Colors and Style

How to Change the Color and Style of a Watch Face on Apple Watch

Step #1. First up, just press the Digital Crown to access the watch face on your smartphone → Next, you have to press on the watch face in order to enter customize mode.

Press Digital Crown Then Watch Face in Apple Watch

Step #2. Tap on Customize.

Tap on Customize in Apple Watch

Step #3. Swipe to the right to the first screen. It is called the style change screen.

There are some faces which have just one or two customization screens. The screens are ordered as Style, Color, and Complications.

Step #4. Up next, you will have to rotate the Digital Crown to change the watch face style.

Change Apple Watch Face StyleDifferent faces sport different design. Pick the one that charms you the most.

Step #5. Now, swipe to the left to bring up the color change screen.

There are some watch faces which have just one or two customizations screen. If there is only a style screen, the color change option is not available. Likewise, if a watch face has the only color screen, the style change option is unavailable.

Step #6. Now, rotate the Digital Crown to change colors.

Change Watch Face Color on Apple Watch

Once you are done, press the Digital Crown in order to exit customize mode and then tap the screen to finish the task.

How to Change the Color and Style of a Watch Face Using iPhone

I agree that customizing the watch face using the smartwatch is a bit easy. But, you can get it done quickly via your paired iPhone as well.

Step #1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone → Next, you need to tap on the My Watch tab.

Step #2. Now, you have to tap on a watch face under My Faces.

Tap on My Watch Then Watch Face on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on a color.

Change Watch Face Color from iPhone

There are some watch faces which don’t support color changes. If there is no color option, the particular watch face doesn’t support it.

Step #4. Now, you need to choose a style.

Change Watch Face Style on iPhone

Some watch faces don’t have a style option. If there is no style option, it means the particular watch face doesn’t support it.

The style options may include timescale, typeface etc. Whatever changes you make, they will instantly come into effect.


That’s it!

Now, it’s time to make the most these handy tips to personalize the watch face of your smartwatch to your best liking. Just in case, you want to add/remove or rearrange watch faces, follow this complete guide.

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