How to Change Email Address Associated with Apple ID on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3

How do you change the email address associated with Apple ID in iOS 10.3? Follow this guide to change your Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad.

Changing email address associated with Apple ID has become a bit easier in iOS 10.3. Earlier, you could do it only by visiting your Apple ID page.

If you no longer use the email address linked to your iCloud account or can’t access it, you would want to change your Apple ID. It’s better to use an active email address with Apple ID as it offers more security. Besides, you will receive recommendations for new apps, get latest announcements and Apple News updates. Let me show you how it’s done!

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How to Change Email Address Associated with Apple ID on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3

How to Change Email Address Associated with Apple ID Right from iPhone and iPad running iOS 10

Note: You will have to use your new sign-in information with all Apple services that you use; after changing your Apple ID.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

Tap on Settings on iPhone 7 Plus

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Step #2. Next, tap on your profile.

Tap on Your Profile in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Now, you need to tap on Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

Tap on Name, Phone Numbers, Email in iPhone Settings

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Step #4. Next, tap on Edit.

Tap on Edit Under your Profile in iPhone Settings

Step #5. Tap on the red button and then tap on Delete.

Delete Apple ID in iOS 10.3 on iPhone

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Then, tap on Continue and follow the instructions.

Tap on Continue in Apple ID Settings on iPhone

You may have to answer a couple of security questions while changing your email address.

When you enter the new email address, a verification code will be sent to this address. You need to enter the code into the fields to verify your new email address.

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That’s it!

You have the option to change your birthday, name and the address associated with your Apple ID. If you don’t want to receive announcements, recommendations, latest releases, turn off the switches next to Announcements, Apple Music, New Apps and More, Apple News Updates.

Signing Off

Now, it’s a lot easy to change email address linked with iCloud, isn’t it? Make sure you always use an active email address. To ensure your Apple ID is secure, enable two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of protection to it.

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