How to Change App Store Country Region in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad

Apps are an integral part of your iPhone or iPad experience; as a matter of fact, apps can actually enhance the user experience. Without apps, your smartphone is another feature phone.

But do you have access to all apps you require on your iPhone? Sometimes, developers release some apps for a particular country or region, and not for the entire world. This is when you wish you were born in a country from where you could gain access to your favourite app. But it is a wish that could not be fulfilled.

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However, if you follow this information step-by-step, you can certainly change the App Store Country Region in your iOS 9 enabled devices – iPhone or iPad.

How to change App Store Country Region in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on App & iTunes Stores.

Tap on Settings Then App and iTunes Stores

Step #2. Tap on your Apple ID.

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Tap on Apple ID on iPhone

A menu will appear with four options: View Apple ID, Sign Out, iForgot and Cancel.

Step #4. Tap on View Apple ID.

Tap on View Apple ID on iPhone

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Step #5. Enter your Apple ID password.

Sign In to iTunes Store from iPhone

Step #6. Tap on Country/Region.

Tap on Country Region on iPhone

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Step #7. Scroll up or down and select your choice of country from the list.

Tap on Country Name on iPhone

You will be landed on a screen: Welcome to the iTunes Store. Below this, you can see Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy.

Step #8. Tap on Agree from the bottom right corner.

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Tap on Agree in iTunes Welcome Screen on iPhone

A dialog box will appear with a message: I have read and agree to the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions.

Step #9. Tap on Agree.

You will be landed on a screen where you can see your Apple ID account details.

Step #10. Tap on Next from the bottom right corner.

You will be landed on BILLING INFORMATION screen.

Step #11. Tap on None.

Step #12. Tap on Next from the bottom right corner.

A dialog box will appear asking you for Apple ID Verification.

Step #13. You can tap on Not Now option OR you can go for Verification by tapping on Settings.

Step #14. You can go ahead by tapping either on Start Shopping or Done.

Change App Store Country Region on iPhone

Watch out how to change App Store Country or Region in iOS 9:

This method is long but it will change AppStore Country/Region on your iOS 9 enabled devices.

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