How to Change App Store Country Region in iOS 8 on Your iPhone or iPad

Your Apple ID is tagged to a country/region and you can purchase or download an app only if it’s available in that country/region. In most cases, apps are available for all countries and this shouldn’t matter much but infrequently, you might stumble on an app which is available for only some countries. In these cases, you won’t be able to download/install the app.

The quickest workaround for this is to change your app store country/region. Thankfully you can do this right on your iPhone/iPad by following some quick steps that we’ve mentioned here. Check it out.

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How to Change App Store Country on your iPhone/iPad on iOS 8

Step #1. Open the Settings app.

iOS 8 Setting in iDevice

Step #2. Tap on iTunes & App Store.

iTunes & App Store on iPhone

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Step #3. Tap on your Apple ID.

Tap on Your Apple ID

Step #4. Then, tap on View Apple ID.

View Apple ID in iPhone in iOS 8

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Step #5. Enter your password and you will get to the account information

Enter Your Password for Apple ID

Step #6. Next, tap on Country/Region.

Tap on Country Region in iOS 8 on iPhone

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Step #7. Tap on Change Country/Region.

Change Country or Region in iOS 8

Step #8. Select a country that you want to change to (for example, the USA.)

Select Country Region in iOS 8

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Step #9. Tap on Agree when you are shown the terms and conditions.

Tap on Agree

Step #10. On the next screen, you have to make sure you add a valid zip code and a credit card that’s valid for the country you’ve selected. If you can see a None option for payments, select that.

Select Credit Card and Fill Your Details to Change Country Region in iOS 8

Step #11. Then, tap on Next.

Step #12. Once you’re done, you will see a message that says your Apple ID is now ready to shop on the specific country you selected. Tap on Start shopping and you’re done.

Change App Store Country on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 8

The trick part of this is when you have a credit card associated to your Apple ID. If you have no credit cards selected or added, the None option is readily available and you can breeze through the process without a problem. But if you have added a credit card and the None option doesn’t show up, you will need to add a valid credit card whose address matches the country you have selected.

Video Tutorial on Changing App Store Country Region in iOS 8 on Your iPhone or iPad

That’s all, folks!

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


  1. But mine, if I choose the other country, still I need to fill the credit card information. I don’f have NONE option in there :(
    any solution?

  2. Apple may have worked around this issue again. You cannot change your country now on the iPad the way you’ve mentioned. I have even created a new Apple ID and only option is to initially enter credit card details. I want to buy (free) an app from the U.S. Store and it does not recognise my credit card as the billing address is in Australia. Please help!

  3. I discovered after much cursing and 2-3 hrs. that I first needed to update my country and payment information in iTunes THROUGH MY COMPUTER and then sync my iPhone to iTunes. My AppleID was totally inaccessible through my phone until I did that, I just kept getting the error message that I had to change the country, but was blocked from actually doing so. Updating my country in AppleID through my computer wasn’t enough.

  4. This use to work but now when I tried to change, there is no “None” option on the payment method. I didn’t setup a Family Sharing on my account so Family Sharing is disable. anyone help please.


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