The most interesting USP of Cydia tweak is, it brings about incredible efficiency in the way you carry out any custom process. Imagine a situation where you wish to click a photo or record a video instantly from home screen itself without having to take the lengthy step of launching the iPhone’s camera app, how would you do that?

How To Take Photos From iPhone Home Screen Without Launching Camera in iOS 8

Capture Photo or Video From Home Screen Instantly

There are times when you hardly get a few seconds to capture some moments. By the time, you launch your iPhone’s home screen, go to the camera app, focus, it gets too late and the moment passes away.

That’s when you may think of customizing the entire process. QuickShoot Pro for iOS 8 is an elegant Cydia tweak that lets you click the photo or take video from the home screen of your iPhone itself.

Plenty Of Configure Options From Settings App

The Pro features good many options, amazing animations and more noticeably, it will live up to your expectation. To make it more useful, you can even configure Activator shorts for them that will provide it more speed.

The tweak is quite customizable as it has a setting for almost everything you may wish to customize. There are tons of Configure options from Settings app.

Not For Older Devices

The Pro supports iOS 8. However, the older devices like iPhone 4 may not perform the expected result due to lack of memory. So, make sure you run the Pro in the newer devices.

Though the tweak may work well in 4S, it will be at its best from iPhone 5 or later.

Available free for QuickShoot Pro Owners

You can download it at $1.49 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. However, if you are already a QuickShoot Pro owner, you can upgrade it for free. The tweak is awesome and will enchant you the very moment you use it.

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