How to Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

It’s been a while since I put my hands on Apple News+ to see what the news subscription service has to offer and whether or not it can live up to my taste. Speaking the truth, it has really disappointed me.

While the user-interface looks in a mess, the personalized suggestions are kind of shooting in the dark. Oh, not to mention the unstable performance that definitely hurts the experience.

And I guess, I’m not alone to feel so. Anyway, I’ve decided to cancel my Apple News+ subscription. Follow along, if you also want to do that.

How to Cancel Apple News Plus: Unsubscribe on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to Unsubscribe from Apple News+ on iOS device

Step #1. Open Apple News app on your iOS device.

Open Apple News app on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on the Following/Sidebar icon.

Tap on Following tab in Apple News app

Step #3. Next, scroll down and tap on Manage Subscription.

Tap on Manage Subscriptions in iOS Apple News app

Step #4. Finally, hit Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Cancel Apple News Subscription on iPhone and Re-subscribe Again

Sticky note: iOS offers you multiple ways to end an app subscription. To know more, check out this complete guide.

How to Cancel Apple News+ Subscription on macOS

Step #1. Open App Store on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, you need to click on your Apple ID at the bottom of the sidebar.

Click on Apple ID Profile in Mac App Store

Step #3. Next, click on View Information and then sign in to your account (if asked).

Click on View Information in Mac App Store

Sign in to your Apple ID in Mac App Store

Step #4. On the Account Information page, head over to Manage section. Then, click on Manage option which is to the right of Subscriptions.

Click on Manage in Mac App Store Account Settings

Step #5. Finally, click on Cancel Subscription and you are ready to go.

Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription on macOS

Now, it will terminate by the end of the current billing cycle.

Side note: You can also get it done from iTunes. Simply open iTunes on your Mac → click on Account menu → View My Account → Now, you need to sign in using your Apple ID. On the account info page, go to Settings section and click on Manage option, which is to the right of Subscriptions. Now, you know what you’ve to do.

There you go!

Wrapping Up…

I’m sure Apple will enormously improve News+ and make it a lot better pretty much like Apple Music. Until that happens, I’m going to keep a tab on the service and would definitely like to come back to it, if it’s able to win me over.

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