How to Bypass Character Limit in Snapchat on iPhone

May it be Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, today each and every netizen enjoys a limitless freedom while expressing one’s thoughts and opinions on anything around the world. Although Twitter provides 160 characters, it is still one of the most loved platforms for all netizens.

Snapchat on the other hand limits the character limit to a mere 31 character per post, and this stops users from expressing their thoughts on any picture.

If you find it difficult to summarize your ideas in less words for a picture caption in your iPhone, here is a solution. The most interesting thing is that to solve this word limit issue, you just need your iPhone and Notes app, nothing else.

How to Bypass Character Limit in Snapchat App On iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Notes App on your iPhone.

Open Notes App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on compose icon located at bottom right corner. Add a few empty lines by tapping the “return” key a couple of times → Select and Copy the empty Note.

Copy Blank Space from Notes App on iPhone

Step #4. Now launch Snapchat and capture a picture using camera.

Step #5. Tap on “T” icon located top-right of the screen. This will bring the text bar and keypad.

Add Text to Snapchat Photo

Step #6. Instead of typing your message, just paste the empty space we copied earlier from the Notes app. This will expand text area significantly.

Step #7. By default your cursor will be at the end of text area. Bring it on top by tapping at beginning of text area and start typing your message.

Step #8. Snapchat will stop taking your message once it has reached at the end of the line. Don’t panic, just tap at the open space below the message you just typed.

Step #9. Now continue typing and Snapchat will again start taking your keywords. Repeat Step #8 till you reach end of the message.

Bypass Character Limit in Snapchat iPhone App

There is no word limit and you can smoothly bypass the character limit while expressing your ideas on the picture. Just keep in mind that while typing your message on the “Note”, you need to manually reposition the cursor in the next line or create a break.

Just in case if you are thinking of writing the text in the note and copying it over, I am afraid, it does not work.

How to Bypass Character Limit in Snapchat On iPhone

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How to Bypass Character Limit in Snapchat On iPhone
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