Update: Uquery.com is no longer available. Hold tight while we look for something as good as this for an iTunes alternative or a web-based app store explorer.

Besides being an “okay” type of a music player, iTunes also serves as one of the easiest ways to look for apps in the App Store. For almost 99% of iPhone/iPad/iPod users, iTunes serves as the best place to discover new, interesting apps (right next to the App Store on the iDevice).

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But you might not get to use iTunes for a variety of reasons. How do you discover under those circumstances? At iGeeksBlog we discover apps through the App Store, through our peer blogs and also on websites that help us discover iTunes apps.

One of the coolest websites that help us in iPhone/iPad app discovery is uquery.com.

How to Browse iTunes App Store without iTunes

uQuery.com is an app discovery engine built for those who cannot/do not use iTunes. You might not use iTunes for a variety of reasons: blocked, cannot install, run-time errors, or just plain old ‘dont need to’.

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I read somewhere that Apple uses complex XML to push iTunes results out of its database of apps. That’s probably one of the reasons why there aren’t very many web-based alternatives to search for apps via the web instead of iTunes.

App discovery through the web, however, comes with its own set of disadvantages. First off, you will still need iTunes if you are planning to install the app via your Mac/PC. If you are just looking for apps which you can then download via the App Store on your iPhone/iPad, that’s easy.

I prefer uQuery.com because it’s simple and it doubles up as a great tool to search for apps of a particular type.

If I can categorize my app discovery routine, it would go like this:

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  • Recommendations on the App store: this happens through the App Store app
  • Popular apps: uQuery.com lets you discover apps that are trending, popular and/or new
  • Apps based on a particular keyword: while you can do this on Google search, uQuery.com makes for a more compelling case with filters and such. Just like iTunes.

So there you go: one way to browse apps without using/installing iTunes is to do that on uQuery.com.