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This is terrific. And for some, terrifying. Security analysts/researchers from Germany, known as SRL (Security Research Labs) put up two videos depicting how a thief can actually break into your iPhone 5s/5c and literally lock you out of your own phone and account.

All this despite TouchID and Find My iPhone. Jump right in for the details.

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I'm not sure putting up a video that shows how exactly you can hack into a stolen iPhone and make it all yours without worrying about Find My iPhone and stuff is a good move to grab Apple's attention. But whatever it is, the following videos depict how relatively easy it is to break into someone's iPhone.

iOS 7 Security Flaws

In the case of iPhone 5s with TouchID, the security researchers have made it seem like child's play with the right tools to produce a fingerprint copy that validates TouchID! Hackers had already worked on this and produced a workaround for TouchID but SRL claims that their method is actually far easier.

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The second video depicts how a thief can break into your iPhone by turning on the Airplane Mode first, then using bruteforce (or the TouchID vulnerability) to unlock the iPhone and then finally a set of procedures to lock you out of your email account and set up your iPhone as new!

If these videos are taken to heart by a wannabe thief desperate to get his hands on an iPhone, there's going to be a lot of chaos.

Of course, the security researchers detail how Apple can fix these things, notably focusing on SIM unlock, passcode confirmation and the Airplane Mode in lockscreen/control center. You might want to check out some security measures you can take on your iPhone right away to prevent the risk.

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It had been reported that iPhone thefts were the most prominent case of cellphone thefts in the US and that more iPhones are only adding to that statistic. A few measures can help you keep your iPhone safe.

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