How to Block Websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

Don't want your kid to access explicit content? Why not restrict the access to specific websites in Safari on your iDevice running iOS 12 or earlier so that your little one will remain away from offensive content!

Blocking some websites on your iPhone may be the need of the hour if kids also use your device at home. Access to any objectionable content by your kids might put you in an embarrassing situation, especially when kids ask you “what is this” in the presence of guests.

Thankfully, iOS offers you complete freedom to restrict the adult websites to ensure your kids stay away from obscene contents. If you want to go for enhanced limitation, there is also an option to limit the access to specific websites. In short, iOS has you fully covered as far as advanced parental control is concerned.

How to Restrict Specific Websites in Safari on iOS 12 or Later

With the addition of Screen Time, Apple has bolstered parental controls. Now, you have complete control over the usage of your kid’s iOS device. Moreover, you can set a time limit for individual apps and prevent your little one from overusing the device.

Thinking why I’m talking about Screen Time as this post is related to Restrictions? Well, let me tell you that the latter has become the part of former and is therefore slightly hidden under the setting. And that’s why, after switching to iOS 12, you may not find the process easy going.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on Screen Time → Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap on Settings then Screen Time then Content and Privacy in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Next up, enter your Screen Time passcode and then turn on the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Turn ON Content & Privacy Restrications in Settings in iOS 12

Step #3. Up next, tap on Content Restrictions and then hit Web Content.

Tap on Content Restrictions and then hit Web Content in iOS 12 Settings

Step #4. Now, select Limit Adult Websites.

Select Limit Adult Websites in iOS 12

Going forward; iOS will automatically restrict the access to adult sites. However, if you want to enhance the limits even further, you can choose to manually enter the name of individual sites to prevent any slip-ups.

To do so, tap on Add Website that’s located under Never Allow section. Then, enter the name of the unwanted site and tap on Done.

Restrict Specific Websites in Safari on iPhone running iOS 12

One more thing worth mentioning is that you also have the option to allow the access to some sites if you don’t think their contents are offensive. To do so, tap on Add Website under Allow → type in the name of the website and then hit Done to confirm.

Access Specific Websites in Safari on iPhone running iOS 12

From now on, whenever your kid tries to visit any objectionable site, he/she will get the message reading, “You can’t browse this page at as it’s restricted. Besides, they won’t be able to Private browsing mode.

Later, if you decide to remove the limitation, follow the above steps and then choose Unrestricted Access in the end.

Select Unrestricted Access in iOS 12

How to Limit Access to Individual Websites in Safari in iOS 11 or Earlier

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.

Launch the Settings app on iPhone

Step #2. Up next, tap on General → tap on Restrictions.

Tap on General and Select Restrictions in iOS 11 Settings

Step #4. Now, Enter your passcode and then tap on Websites under ALLOWED CONTENT section → Tap on Limit Adult Content under ALLOWED WEBSITES.

Limit Adult Content in Safari in iOS 11

Two more sections will appear on your device screen: ALWAYS ALLOW & NEVER ALLOW.

Block and Access to Individual Websites in Safari in iOS 11

Now, manually enter the name of the sites you wish to restrict and confirm. If you want to make some exceptions; enter the name of the websites under ALWAYS ALLOW section.

That’s it!

Your thoughts?

As a parent, I’m quite pleased with the improved parental controls in the latest iOS version. Apple has made the task of keeping track of kid’s device more straightforward.

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