How to Block People From Sending You Mail on iPhone

How to Block Unwanted Emails in Mail App on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

If you have been receiving a lot of spam emails then there would have been multiple occasions wherein your important emails might have gotten lost in all the junk and spams. It happens with me all the time so, I know how irritating it is. But, did you know that you could also block people from mailing you? Yes, you definitely keep those spams at bay. Follow along to see how you can block unwanted emails in the Mail app on iOS 13 and iPadOS running device. If you are not an Apple Mail person, then you don’t have to worry because you could easily block people from Gmail as well.

For most individuals, today emails have become a part of their lives be it personal or professional. Our primary medium to exchange information and other details are emails and when they are cluttered with spams, we feel as if our life is cluttered. As, emails are such a huge part of our lives it is better to keep the spammers at an arm’s length. With this guide, you can easily block people from sending you emails in iOS 13 and iPadOS, to have non-spammy mailbox.

How to Block Unwanted Emails in Mail App on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

Step #1. Launch the Mail App on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Mail App on iPhone in iOS 13

Step #2. Select the E-mail by the Sender you wish to Block.

Select Email By Sender You Want to Block in iOS 13 Mail App

Step #3. From the header of the mail tap on the Sender’s Email to open the Sender’s contact information.

Tap on Sender Email to Open Sender contact information in iOS 13 Mail App

Step #4. Tap Block this contact and confirm your action by tapping on the Confirm Block option in the pop-up dialogue.

Tap on Block Content and Confirm Block Option in Pop-Up Dialogue iOS 13 Mail App

(Note: You can repeat the same procedure to Unblock the person, as well.)

Step #5.  Finally, Tap on Done.

Tap on Done to Block Unwanted Emails in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

And Congrats, you just learned how to keep unwanted emails at Bay.

Signing Off…

And that’s a wrap guys… I hope you don’t have to spend hours refining your mailbox and trashing all the mails from spammers and other unwanted people after going through this guide. Let us know in the comments below if you need any help regarding your new iPhone 11 series or iOS 13.

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