How to Block iMessage Spam (in iOS and OS X) According to Apple

Apple has revealed a way to help them find and possibly block spammers on iMessage received on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. As iOS 7 release nears, Apple seems to be taking these things in a more comprehensive manner.

iMessage spam is a real and happening nuisance that might be exploited in some time. Thankfully, iOS 7 comes equipped with blocking features (Note: how to block messages and calls in iOS 7). But since iMessage is an entirely Apple-run operation, it has to take care of this spamming nuisance too.

How to Block iMessage Spam in iOS and OS X

Unlike SMS and MMS spam whose responsibility falls into the hands of the carriers, iMessage spam is a headache Apple has to look into. Which explains why they’re now letting customers address this issue by reporting spammers.

Apple’s support page has the details on how you can report iMessage spam. This is for iMessage spam only. Whether you get spam messages on your Mac OS X or any of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) that use iMessage, you can report them to Apple.

Exactly what action will be taken is unclear but I think Apple’s planning to build a database of spammers just like the carriers do. This will help them block messages sent from these senders.

Here’s how to report iMessage spam

Step #1. Take a screenshot of the iMessage spam.

Step #2. Note the full email/phone number of the spammer.

Step #3. Note the time and date of the received message too.

Step #4. Send these to

Obviously, this is only for iMessage.

Apple has not said that this will block the spammer from sending you unwanted iMessage but the idea is that, in future, this process should stop iMessage spam.

If Apple is really building a database of spammers that are using iMessage, this would help them and also help in implementing a blacklist block feature.

On the whole, this looks redundant but quite good enough.

If you are looking to block text messages, you can take a look here.

That’s all, guys!

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