Apparently and for some strange reason, Apple doesn’t let you create a blocked list. I don’t know why, even after 6 iterations of iOS, the developers haven’t got this feature wired into the software.

Edit: On iOS 7, blocked calls is a default feature finally. Check out how to block calls on iPhone running iOS 7.

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And needless to say, this is definitely a feature that a lot of people miss. On Android, you can just go on and block contacts pretty easily. On an iPhone, you can’t do that. There’s only Do Not Disturb which – you’d agree – isn’t all that great.

Folks over at osX Daily posted a neat little trick that can actually help you do something very close to Blocked calls. However, remember that this method doesn’t work really like a block. It’s just a workaround.

The only downside to this method is that you can’t completely ignore the call. Or make calls when someone from your blocked list calls you. It’s more like silencing the phone (both ringtone and vibration) when the blocked person calls.

How to Block Calls in iPhone

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How to Block Calls on iPhone

1). Make/Get a Silent Ringtone

For the workaround to work, you’ll need a silent ringtone. You can make silent ringtones yourself by creating empty recordings in QuickTime or converting silent mp3s to m4r format. But here’s a simpler way:

Download a silent ringtone here.

Get it on iTunes and then sync it with your iPhone. Then:

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2). Create a “Blocked” Contact

Okay, now that you’ve got the ringtone. Let’s create a new contact called Blocked List. Yes, you are going to create a new contact called Blocked List.

  • Open the Phone app and go to Contacts
  • Tap the ‘+’ to add the new contact
  • Name the contact as ‘Blocked List.’

3). Set Silent Ringtones/No VibrationSet Silent RingtonesScroll down and in the ringtone section do the following changes.

  • Change the ringtone for the call to the silent ringtone you got on your iPhone.
  • Change vibrate to None for both texts and calls. Change the text ringtone to None, too.

4). Add Contacts to be Blocked to “Blocked List.”

Once you’ve created this contact, it’s just a matter of adding contacts (that you want to be blocked) to this list.

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You can either add the number manually (by editing the contact), or you can tap on the blue icon on the right of a number (to be blocked) and ‘Add to Existing Contact’ and choose Blocked List.