Blocking calls in iOS 6 was one conspicuously missing feature. We did have a workaround for that but it still wasn’t a perfect method. And that’s mostly because iOS 6 didn’t have a default call blocking feature.

With iOS 7, call blocking is now a separate entity so you can block calls from people and unknown numbers. Not just calls, but you can block text messages and FaceTime calls too. In this short tutorial, we’ll see how you can block calls in iPhone (running iOS 7 of course).

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Note: iOS 7 is still in beta and non-developers are actually not supposed to install and run iOS 7 on their iPhones/iPads. However, for those who’re already using it, this tutorial will come in handy.

How to Block Calls on iPhone in iOS 7

Here’s how to block calls from Contacts in iOS 7 on iPhone:

How to Block Calls from Contacts in iOS 7

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  • Go to Settings -> Phone
  • Scroll down to where it says Blocked and tap on it.
  • Tap on Add New…
  • Now just select the contact you want to Block.

This is one way of blocking a contact. You’ll notice that this method works only for numbers that are already in your contact list. What if the number isn’t on the contact list?

That’s where this method comes in handy:

How to Block Unknown Numbers on iPhone

  • Open the Phone app
  • Tap on the Recent list to view calls that you made/received
  • Tap on the “i” icon in the circle on the right of the number you want to block
  • Scroll down and tap on Block this Caller
  • Tap on Block Contact

With iOS 7, fortunately blocking calls is easy. We haven’t tested out with Groups so we don’t really know if iOS 7 can block group contacts. But for the feature that it is, Blocking works just fine.

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Does it block voicemails? Nope. Voicemails work through your service provider so if you want to block them, you’ll have to check with your service provider.