How to Block Ads in iPhone/iPad Apps or Games on iOS 7.x

App ads are necessary evils of the mobile ecosystem. For the developer, having the app display ads is a source of revenue. That’s why most free apps show ads, with an in-app-purchase option which removes the ads.

There is, however, one simple way of blocking ads in iPhone apps. If you find that the ads in your iPhone games (or other apps) are annoying, you can actually turn them off indirectly. Here’s how.

How to Block Ads in iPhone/iPad Apps or Games on iOS 7.x

The ads within an app rely on a data connection to be served. Without a data network, the code within the app cannot fetch the ads and show them. This leads to two interesting situations.

First off, most apps will stop showing ads completely when there is no data network. Secondly, in some cases, you’ll see a big block of filled/empty rectangle in the places where the ad typically appears.

To disable the ads in the apps, here’s what you do:

Step #1. Open the Settings app.

Step #2. Tap on Wi-fi and turn it off.

Block the Ads in Apps in iOS 7-x on iDevice

Step #3. Go back to Settings.

Step #4. Tap on Cellular (or Mobile) and turn-off Cellular Data.

Tap on Cellular (or Mobile) and turn-off Cellular Data on iDevice in iOS 7-x

With both Wi-fi and Cellular data turned off, the ads will no longer show up in the app you are using/playing. Naturally, you’ll also be off the grid on Whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage, Skype, Mail (and even iCloud).. basically, any app that relies on the data network.

There’s also a quicker (but even more limiting) way to block ads. That’s the Airplane Mode. By switching on the Airplane Mode, your iPhone will be totally off the grid because it switches off all radios. You won’t be able to make or receive calls too.

To switch on the Airplane Mode:

Step #1. Swipe up from the bottom to bring the Control Center.

iOS 7 Control Center

Step #2. Tap the Airplane Mode icon to switch it on.

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