There have been very few ways to backup and restore Cydia tweaks on your iPhone. In fact, the one I remember clearly is OpenBackup, which was a free Cydia tweak that let you backup (or restore) all the Cydia tweaks that you had installed on your iPhone.

With iOS 8, there has so far been no easy way to backup and restore tweaks. We'll talk about why it's an extremely useful feature (to backup/restore tweaks) but let's first jump into an update tweak that now allows you to backup all your Cydia tweaks and restore them – in a simple, elegant and easy manner. Here's PKGBackup.

How to Backup and Restore Cydia Tweaks On iPhone

PKGBackup is a simple but powerful Cydia tweak that works like iCloud but for your Cydia tweaks. If you are an avid jailbreak enthusiast who loves to play around with a lot of tweaks, you might want to be able to save these tweaks with their settings for later.

This is useful when you update to a newer version of iOS 8.x, and then jailbreak again. Without a Cydia tweak backup, you will have to download each tweak again and customize their settings. With PKGBackup, you will be able to backup the tweaks with all their settings intact and then restore them pretty easily.

How to Backup Cydia tweaks on iPhone using PKGBackup in iOS 8

Step #1. Download and install PKGBackup from Cydia. It's up on BigBoss repo.

Step #2. PKGBackup will show up on the homescreen/springboard. Tap to run it.

Step #3. To backup, tap on the green backup icon.

Step #4. You can customize what tweaks get backed up by tapping on Details and then individually selecting/deselecting the tweaks from the list shown.

Step #5. Next, tap on the green backup button and you're good to go. The tweak will backup all tweaks that are on your iPhone/iPad.

How to Restore Cydia tweaks on iPhone using PKGBackup on iOS 8

(Note that this method only works when you have already backed up using PKGBackup, as described above.)

Step #1. Run PKGBackup

Step #2. Tap on the round Restore button.

Step #3. Select a backup that you want to restore from. If no backup is shown, this means you haven't backed up anything or the backup file is missing.

Step #4. Tap on the orange restore button to confirm the restore.

Once restored, all the tweaks should be back on your iPhone.

PKGBackup is available on the BigBoss repo. The only downside is that it costs $9.99. Hefty price but it's worth it.