How to Automatically Silence Unknown Calls in iOS 13 on iPhone

Unwanted calls always create chaos that whether you should pick it or not. Besides that, there are a hell lot of spam calls and robocalls, especially the telemarketing & fake debt recovery calls that consume your precious time. It’s annoying to attend such calls when you’re in your private space or at work. It’s even more frustrating when you get such calls during midnight (while sleeping).

Taking note of this, at WWDC 2019, Apple announced a feature in iOS 13 that got many eye-balls struck! So millions of users can now relax and just follow this guide to silence unknown calls on your iPhone in iOS 13. While many users may avoid activating this feature for some reason, there are plenty waiting for this kind of stuff on their iPhone.

How to Automatically Silence Calls from Spam Callers on iPhone running iOS 13

So let’s not wait anymore and see how you can actually do this on your iPhone.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open Settings app on iPhone running iOS 13
Step #2.
Scroll down to find the Phone option & tap on it.

Tap on Phone in iOS 13 Settings
Step #3.
Scroll down to Call Silencing and Blocked contacts section, Toggle ON the Silence Unknown Callers option in it.

Toggle ON Silence Unknown Callers to Automatically Silence Spam Calls on iPhoneThis is it! That’s how simple it is to block spam calls on your iPhone in all new iOS 13.

How Does Silence Unknown Caller Feature Work on iPhone?

Siri plays a major role in this overall procedure. The very moment when the silence unknown callers option is turned on, the phone doesn’t ring and the calls are automatically sent over to voice mail directly. Later on, you can filter the voice mails to check if you have missed any important call by mistake.

Intelligent Siri will only allow the numbers to ring on your iPhone that are available in Contacts, Message App or Mail. Other than that, it doesn’t count on the data saved in Gmail or Outlook as it doesn’t have access for the same. Those contacts will be silenced as well. In such cases, you might miss some important calls so you need to keep an eye on voice mails if any.

Summing Up…

To silence unknown callers is a fantastic feature, there’s no doubt in it. But when there arrives an emergency and you didn’t notice the unwanted call as it creeps in voice mail, there might be some issues. Well, it’s completely up to you whether to use this feature or not. If you ask me, I am surely going to use it. What about you? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments right away!

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