How to Automatically Empty Trash on Mac After 30 Days

When you delete files and data from your Mac, the trash begins to bulge with excessive items. This obviously occupies your Mac storage. You can get rid of this unnecessary data by configuring Mac to automatically delete files that have been in the trash for 30 days.

Being a full-time blogger, I download a lot of things from the Internet; some useful and some useless. While useful stuff goes into my folders and stays there for years, useless is dumped into the trash. But then I forget to delete those unnecessary files and data that have been there in the trash for more than 30 days. This creates excessive data that occupy my storage on Mac. Thankfully, I found a way to configure my Mac to delete files automatically.

Want to free up your Mac storage? Here is how to configure Mac to Auto-Delete Files and empty trash after 30 Days

After thirty days, these files that have been there for the last 30 days, automatically deleted from my Mac. For designers or other professionals, who work on heavy files, this method of removing files automatically from trash is a great help.

How to Automatically Delete Files from Trash After 30 Days on Mac

To configure your Mac, follow this simple method:

Step #1. First, click on Finder icon from the dock of your Mac.

Click on Finder Icon from Mac Dock

Step #2. Click on Finder from the upper right corner → A drop-down menu appears; click on Preferences.

Click on Finder Preferences on Mac

Step #3. In the Finder Preferences, click on Advanced → This shows you some checkboxes, and one checkbox reads: Remove items from the Trash after 30 days → Click on this checkbox and close Finder Preferences.

Auto Delete Files from Trash on Mac

You have done it!

You have successfully configured your Mac to delete the file after 30 days automatically. Now your Mac knows it has to remove items, which are there for the last 30 days.

With this method, you get rid of unnecessary files and data from your trash. This is one of the ways you can free up your Mac storage.

If you ever wish to stop recycle bin files automatically deletion, simply follow the above two steps and in the third step, uncheck the option.

Stop Auto Delete Files from Trash on Mac

That’s all, folks!

Video: Automatically Empty Trash on Mac After 30 Days

Summing up…

While you are configuring your Mac to erase contents automatically, care should be taken that you don’t remove anything valuable from your Mac, else you may lose that data forever.

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