How To Auto-Save Facebook Messenger Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

Facebook Messenger is a popular social networking app which boasts of cool features such as, voice messaging, calling, messaging through tons of animated stickers and more. People are fond of sending their favorite photos to friends in Facebook Messenger app. If not saved manually, those photos can be lost and forgotten. But, how often do you remember to save particular photos manually? Is there any way you can auto-save Facebook Messenger app’s photos to Camera Roll on iPhone or iPad?

Facebook Messenger app allows you to auto-save photos to Camera Roll. If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of saving Messenger app’s photos manually and want to save them automatically, here is how you can do it.

How To Auto-Save Facebook Messenger Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

How To Auto-Save Facebook Messenger Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

Step #1. Launch Facebook Messenger app.

Step #2. Tap on Settings from the bottom right corner.

Facebook Messenger iPhone App Settings

Step #3. Switch on Save Photos to Camera Roll.

That’s it!

Henceforth, Facebook Messenger photos will be automatically saved to Camera Roll. If you ever don’t want to save photos to Camera Roll, then follow all the steps as mentioned above and disable this option in the end.

If you have enabled auto-save photos to Camera Roll, then over the time the Photos app will be filled with many photos. It would be nice had there been an option to save photos only from selected friends. Unfortunately, there is no such option as of now. However, we do expect Facebook Messenger to come with the better solution of saving photos.

At present, you have no other alternative to automatically filter Facebook Messenger photos as per your choice. Until the time, this app brings a more viable solution; you can manually remove the unwanted photos saved from this social networking app.

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