How to Attach Documents to Calendar Events on iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone and iPad running iOS 13, you can now attach documents to calendar events. The process is pretty simple. Take a few steps to attach documents to Calendar events on the iPhone and iPad. Later, you can also remove the attached documents.

The Calendar on your iPhone and iPad is one of the most productive apps. You can create and edit events on this app. And now, Apple adds more functionality to one of the best event planning apps. In its latest iOS 13 update, Apple now allows users to attach documents to Calendar events on the iPhone and iPad.

This new feature enables users to send an invite in any format like PDF, Doc, JPEG, or any other. So if you are planning a special event, which requires you to send a formal invitation, you can get the invitation designed and send it across via Calendar app. Later, if you change your mind, the app gives you liberty to remove that document from the app.

How to Add or Remove Attachments in Apple Calendar App on iPhone and iPad

Quick Access:

How to Add Attachments to Apple Calendar on iPhone and iPad

You can follow the method on an existing event, or you can create a new event and add attachments to the Calendar event on your iPhone and iPad.

Step #1. Launch Calendar App on iPhone.

Launch Calendar App on iPhone

Step #2. As mentioned, you can either tap on an existing event or create a new one in your Calendar app.

Tap on Existing Event in Calendar App on iPhone Running iOS 13

Step #3. Once you have created an event, tap on that event. then tap on the Edit button from the top right corner.

Tap on Edit in iOS 13 Calendar App on iPhone

Step #4. Scroll down a bit and tap on Add attachment…

Tap on Add Attachment in iOS 13 Calendar App on iPhone

Step #5. This opens up a location where you have saved your documents (I have choose Recent). 

Choose Attachment in Apple Calendar on iPhone Running iOS 13

Note: If you want to select documents from a different location, tap on Browse > Locations. From here, you can choose a preferred location to attach a document. 

Tap on Browse to Choose Preferred Location to Attach Document in iOS Calendar App

Step #6. Once selecting the path, tap on any document you want to attach to an Apple Calendar event.

Tap on Document to Add in Apple Calendar App in iPhone Running iOS 13

Step #7. When a document is attached, tap on the Done button from the upper right corner.

Tap on Done to add attachments to apple calendar on iPhone

You have done it!

How to Remove Attached Document from Calendar Event on iPhone and iPad

In case you want to make some changes in the attached document, the first thing you should do is to remove that document from your Calendar event.

Open Calendar → Tap on EventTap Edit.

Open Calendar App and Tap to Edit Event in iOS 13

On Edit Event screen, slide the attachment from right to left. You will see a Remove button. When you tap on this Remove button, the attachment will be removed from your Calendar event.

Tap to Remove attached document from calendar event on iPhone Running iOS 13


That’s all, friends!

Summing up…

This feature is handy for team leaders, managers, and top executives, who can share documents of the meeting’s agenda or minutes of meetings. Now update your iPhone to iOS 13 and enjoy this productivity feature.

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