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How to Arrange Homescreen Icons On your iPhone/iPad

How to Arrange Homescreen Icons On iPhone

As you download more apps, your homescreen starts to get cluttered. On its own, the iPhone doesn’t have any particular way of arranging the icons because that freedom is left to you. You can drag and drop icons anywhere in the screen as you see fit.

As you go about downloading more apps, the icons get scattered across the screens. With more than three homescreens, it becomes difficult to find the right app without resorting to the spotlight search.

So how do you re-arrange the icons in a familiar format? For instance, the iPhone lets you rearrange your homescreen icons alphabetically. This way, it becomes a little faster to figure out where the app is, relative to other apps on the homescreen.

How to Arrange Homescreen Icons On iPhone

Here’s how to re-arrange the homescreen icons on your iPhone/iPad:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Now go to Reset
  • Tap on Reset Homescreen Layout

What does this do?

  • First off, it resets the homescreen layout to the default setting. Unfortunately, this changes the dock icons too so if you had Messages on the dock, it will be gone now
  • Secondly, it re-arranges  alphabetically all the apps that you’ve downloaded
  • Thirdly, if there are folders, they will be removed and the apps will be out of the folders

Granted, this isn’t technically a ‘neat’ solution to re-arrange icons but if you’re looking for just this, you can try it.

Also, if you go to Settings → General → Restrictions → Apps and toggle between Don’t Allow Apps and Allow All Apps, we’ve observed that only the downloaded apps get re-arranged alphabetically without the folders being removed or dock being reset to default.

This method, however doesn’t work for everyone.

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