How to Airplay YouTube to Apple TV from Mac?

How to Airplay YouTube to Apple TV from Mac

We all love YouTube because it has almost all variety of videos uploaded by millions of users around the globe. It’s like a goldmine for video lovers. These videos are more enjoyable on a bigger screen like Mac, but it would be great to watch them on an even bigger screen using the Apple TV.

That’s indeed possible using the AirPlay feature of Mac. Yes, you got that right; we are talking about watching YouTube videos on Apple TV by using AirPlay on Mac. Don’t worry, if you aren’t familiar with the process, we are here to guide on the same. Just follow the steps as mentioned and you too can enjoy videos on your Apple TV.

How to Airplay YouTube to Apple TV from Mac

Step #1. On your Mac, launch Safari browser and open the YouTube video you wish to AirPlay to Apple TV.

Step #2. At the bottom-right corner, you’ll notice an AirPlay icon; it’s like a small pyramid at the bottom surrounded by television. Tap on the icon.

Step #3. Here you will see Apple TV option, along with the name. Click on it to start AirPlay mode.

Step #4. Once the AirPlay starts, your Safari screen will go gray with a message saying, “The video is playing on [name of Apple TV].”

That’s all friends; enjoy the show on your Apple TV. Here’s a tiny tip for those Mac users who do not have Apple TV. You too can have YouTube video on the television, just get an HDMI cable and connect your Mac to your Television. Just don’t forget to grab the popcorn.

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