How to Adjust Force Click Touch Pressure on Mac Trackpad

If you are using MacBook Pro or Magic trackpad launched in and after 2015, you will be able to adjust Force Click touch on your Mac. Check out how you can make changes in the intensity of click touch.

Like 3D Touch feature on your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Mac also offers the same on its trackpad. The feature is also called force click and force touch to perform the secondary action on Mac.

However, there are many users, who are just unable to adjust the pressure while using this feature on trackpad; either they press too hard or too gently. This doesn’t give desired results on Mac.

How to Adjust Force Click Touch Pressure on Mac TrackpadThankfully, Mac offers a simple solution to adjust the pressure needed to get perfect results. If your Mac, MacBook or MacBook Pro are compatible to this Force Click and Force Touch, you can adjust the setting by following this information.

Please note that the feature of Force Click and 3D Touch are available in MacBook Pro and the Magic trackpad launched in 2015 and later.

How to Adjust Force Click Touch Pressure on Mac Trackpads

Enable Force Click and haptic feedback on your Mac. Now you can adjust the pressure of this feature.

Step #1. Click on Apple logo to launch Apple menu.

Step #2. Click on System Preferences.

Click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Now click on Trackpad.

Click on Trackpad in Mac System Preferences

Step #4. Click on “Point & Click” tab.

Click on Point & Click in Mac System Preferences

Before you adjust the click pressure, make sure that Force Click and haptic feedback checkbox is checked.

Check Force Click and Haptic Feedback in Trackpad Settings on Mac

On the dialog box, you will see Click slider on the left of Tracking speed slider. On the Click slider, you will find three options: Light, Medium, and Firm.

  • If you adjust Click to Light, a gentle press will activate a click and Force Click.
  • Click to Medium is for the default option for click and Force Click.
  • Click to Firm is to decide the pressure has to be made on the trackpad to activate Force Click.

Adjust Force Click Touch Pressure on Mac Trackpad

On you follow the above steps, you can test these new adjustments in the small preview window.

If you have unintentionally enabled Force Click Touch on your Mac, this information can be useful for you to adjust the settings.

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