How to Add Websites RSS Feeds to Apple News in iOS 9

Add RSS Feeds and websites to the Favourites tab of Apple News and enjoy your choice of content at a single tap on your iPhone running iOS 9.

News readers always like to stay updated with current affairs, and therefore, Apple News app has got tremendous response when it was unveiled in June 2015. Though it was not accessible to all iPhone and iPad users on the earth, users from select countries immediately started exploring this News app. For others, it was quite easy to use News app by changing language & region from the Settings of iOS devices.

Update: This method no longer works. As soon as we find any trick to get it done, we will update this post.

In the absence of this News app, people used to rely on other news apps and content farms. After using Apple News app, many have stopped using any other apps; but they would always like to consume gripping content. For such users, they can add other sites and RSS Feeds to Apple News in their iOS devices. This practice has a major advantage of accessing all favourite content from a single platform.

So if you want to access Washington Post or The Telegraph from Apple News, you can just add the two links to your Apple News and Bob is your uncle! You can directly access the two media from the News app on your iOS device.

How to add websites and RSS Feeds to Apple News in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #1: First off, open any website of your choice in Safari browser in your iOS device.

Step #2: Now tap on Sharing icon from the bottom.

Share Website in iOS Safari

There are options listed in two rows, which will appear once you tap on Sharing icon.

Step #3: Choose ‘Add to News’ from the bottom row.

Add Website to Apple News App

The site will automatically be placed in the Favourite section in your Apple News app. You can launch Apple News app and confirm.

Favorites Sites in Apple News App

Watch out how to add sites RSS feeds to Apple News:

This feature allows you to add websites other than curated by Apple.

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