How to Add Website Shortcut to iPhone Homescreen on iOS 8

You might be visiting a number of websites every day. Though you can easily go to the searched websites through Safari on your iPhone or iPad, there is a better way to launch your favorite websites on your iPhone quickly. The best part of this trick is that you can use it to avoid using many official iOS apps such as, Facebook and Twitter on your iPhone. If you have an iPhone with 16GB, you would like to adopt this smart trick straight away.

Safari allows you to add your favorite website to your iPhone Homescreen. Once you have added the website to your device Home Screen, you can instantly launch it by tapping on its icon from the Home screen. No need to launch Safari time and again to go to the frequently visited site! Look forward to getting it done? Here is how you can add the website to your iPhone or iPad Home Screen to launch it quickly. Let’s dive ahead!

How to Add Website Shortcut to iPhone Homescreen on iOS 8How to Add Website Shortcut to iPhone Homescreen on iOS 8

Step #1. Launch Safari.

Step #2. Type the name of the website such as which you want to add to the Homescreen.

Step #3. Tap on the Share icon from the bottom.

Open Website in Safari on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Add to Home Screen.

Tap on Add To Home Screen on iPhone

Step #5. Now, you can edit the name of the website as per your liking. Tap on Add from the top right corner to confirm.

That’s it!

The website has been added to the Homescreen. From now onwards, you can use its shortcut to launch the website fast. If you want to add more website address to iPhone Home Screen, follow these mentioned steps.

How to Delete The Website Form iPhone or iPad Homescreen

You no longer need the website which you have added to the Home Screen, how would you remove it? It’s pretty simple to delete it. Let’s find out!

Step #1. Tap and hold the website icon which you want to delete from your iPhone Home Screen.

Step #2. Tap on the tiny “x” which will appear on top of the website icon.

Step #3. A popup will appear, tap on Delete to confirm.

Delete Website Shortcut from iPhone HomeScreen

That’s all!

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