How to Add US Holiday to iPhone, iPad, and Mac Calendar

Thanks to the built-in holiday calendar, you can check US holidays in the Calendar app for iOS or macOS. Learn how to get started!

Along with Birthdays, I like to show the holiday calendar on my iDevice to perfectly prepare for the big days. It also ensures I don’t forget to wish my friends and loved ones in advance.

Apple calendar app comes with a built-in holiday calendar that’s fully customized to display the recognized traditional, government and religious leaves in a country. Would like to try out this useful feature? Let’s head into view US holiday in the Calendar app on iOS and macOS device!

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How to Show US Holidays to Calendar App on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Add US Holidays to iOS Calendar App

Step #1. Launch Calendar app on your iOS device.

Open Calendar app on iPhone
Step #2. Now, tap on Calendars.

Tap on Calendars at the bottom in iOS Calendar App

Step #3. Under OTHER section, make sure to check the circle to the left of US Holidays. Then, tap on Done to confirm.

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Add US Holiday to iPhone Calendar

That’s pretty much it! Now, the app will show the holidays that are recognized in your country or region.

Show US Holidays on Mac Calendar App

Step #1. Fire up, Calendar app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on the Calendar menu at the top left of the screen and choose Preferences.

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Click on Calendar Menu and then Select Preferences in Mac Calendar App

Step #3. Next, ensure that the General tab is selected. Then, check the box to the left of Show Holidays calendar.

Add US Holiday to Mac Calendar

Sticky note: Just in case, the Calendar app doesn’t show the changes. Make sure that the US Holidays option is checked under Other section. If that doesn’t work, try to refresh the app. Simply click on the View menu and then select Refresh Calendars.

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There you go!

Wrapping Up…

So, that’s how you can keep a tab on all the recognized leaves and plan accordingly. Really, it does come in handy when you have quick access to all the big days.

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