Cydia tweaks add a fascinating dimension to iOS ecosystem. Bringing ultra-convenience into the otherwise very restrictive process is their USP. While it’s comparatively easy to grab a tweak that is available in Cydia, it might be a bit tricky for some to install when it is still in beta version or isn’t yet ready to launch publicly.

How to Add Repo Sources to Cydia

Such is the uniqueness with almost all the tweaks that even before they arrive; iOS users wish to put their hands on them out of extreme curiosity. Anyway, it is always a great fun to test something as new.How about adding the repos of your favorite tweaks in Cydia?

There are two ways to add Sources (Repos) in Cydia. One by Cydia itself and the other manually.

Method 1: How to Install Sources with Cydia Itself

Step #1. Open Cydia.

Step #2. Tap on Cydia icon from the bottom menu.

Tap on Sources from Cydia Bottom Menu

Step #3. Cydia home screen will open, tap on More Package Sources.

Tap on More Package Sources in Cydia

Step #4. Next up,all the Cydia recommended sources will be listed. Find out the one you want to select and tap on it.

Cydia Recommended Sources and Repos

Step #5. The information page of the tweak will come up, tap on Install from the top right corner.

Install Cydia Repo on iPhone

Step #6. A popup window will appear, tap on Confirm from the top right corner.

Tap on Confirm to Install Cydia Repo

Step #7. Now wait for a few seconds. Once updating is completed, you will see Complete on the top. Tap on Return to Cydia.

This will redirect you to the source information page. That’s all. You have successfully added the source.

It is a little easy to add Sources through Cydia itself. But, there are times you will have to enter some Repos manually as they may not be listed in the Cydia list of sources.


Method 2: How to Add Repos/Sources to Cydia Manually

Step #1. Launch Cydia.

Step #2. Tap on Sources from the bottom menu.

Tap on Cydia Sources

Step #3. Tap on Edit from the top right corner.

Tap on Edit Sources

(When you tap on edit, a new screen opens up wherein all the added repos are listed with red button next to them. To delete them individually, tap on the red button next to the repo you want to delete and then tap on Delete button. )

Step #4. Tap on Add from the top left corner.

Tap on Add to Add New Repo

Step #5. A popup will appear, enter the URL of the repo in the same and then tap on Add Source.

Add Cydia Repo Manually

Now, Cydia will verify the URL. Hence, you may have to wait for a few seconds.

(When the URL gets verified, Cydia may warn you about the repo. It doesn’t do the same with every repo but if it does warn you then tap on AddAnyway.)

Step #6. Finally, Cydia will start downloading data from the source. It might take a few seconds. Once, it is done, you will see Complete on top. Tap on Return to Cydia from the bottom to return to the main screen.

Step #7. Now, you can tap on search button from the right corner and type the name of the tweak. Once you have found it, you can install it as usual.

That’s it! Depending on your need, you can repeat the above mentioned steps to add more Repositories.