It is quite easy to add music to Instagram Stories on iPhone. You can even use services like Spotify that let you post your favorite song directly to Insta Stories. However, when it comes to adding music to regular Instagram video posts, things get tricky. But don’t worry, there are two ways to add music to Instagram videos on iPhone. Let’s take a look.

How to Add Music to Instagram Video Using iMovie on iPhone

  1. First off, you need to download iMovie on your iPhone.
  2. After that, open iMovie and tap on Plus iconMovie → select the video file → Create movie. The video will be imported to iMovie editing timeline. Now let us add music to it.Create Video in iMovie App on iPhone Tip: You may also tap on <Media from top left and see photos and videos in proper categories.


  3. Tap on the plus icon and then Audio. Here you have the option to choose tracks from the list. If you have copyright-free audio files in your Music app, tap on ‘My Music.’ I have selected Soundtracks.Tap on Plus Tap Audio and Then Tap on Soundtracks
  4. Tap on the audio file name to play it. To use it, tap on the plus icon. The audio file is imported to the iMovie timeline.Tap on Plus to import Audio File to iMovie Tip: Tap on the triangle (▶) play button. You will see that the added music file and video both play. Now, if the video file has no audio in it, then jump straight to step 6 and export the video. But if the video file has a sound of its own, here is how to mute it.

  5. Tap on the video clip and then tap on Speaker icon from the bottom. Drag the volume slider all the way to the left. This will mute the video’s audio.
    Tap on Video and Then Tap on Speaker icon and Drag Slider to Mute AudioTap on the play button (▶) to confirm. You will see that only the audio file’s sound is there, and the original sound of the video clip is gone. Let us now export this creation.

  6. Next, tap on Done.Tap on Done
  7. Now, Tap on Share icon. From here, tap on Save Video. Select the export size. I would recommend HD – 1080p. Now, Let’s post it to Instagram.Tap on Share and Then Tap on Save Video on iPhone
  8. Open Instagram, tap on Plus icon, choose the video you just edited using iMovie, tap on Next, and finally write a caption and tap on Share.Share Video as Instagram Post on iPhone

This was how to use iMovie for adding music to Instagram video posts. But your options are not limited. You can use one of the following apps to add audio to your Instagram post.

Best iPhone Video Editing Apps for Instagram Video

Here are 7 best iPhone apps for adding audio and editing videos for Instagram posts.

Signing off…

I hope this post was useful and helps you in taking your Instagram game to the next level. Finally, you must know that if you use unauthorized music, chances are Instagram will remove it due to copyright infringement. This won’t affect your account or even delete the post. Instagram will just remove the audio from your video post.

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