The default number of dock icons on the iPhone/iPad is 4. While the iPhone doesn't let more than 4 to be added to the dock, on the iPad you can extend this to 6 (that is, add two more).

There are, of course, ways to add more icons to the dock on your iPhone and iPad. Needless to say, you'll need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to get this done. Before we jump, make sure you want more icons than 6 on your iPad. For if you feel 6 is enough (and it pretty much is), there's no point in jailbreaking.

(Note: this tutorial is for beginners)

How to Add More Dock Icons on iPhone and iPad

On the iPad:

  • Just drag and drop an icon on the dock.
  • Like how it usually happens, the icons should settle down.
  • This happens for up to 6 icons on the dock beyond which it doesn't work.

Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. You need:  a jailbreak iPhone/iPad.

Five Icon Dock Cydia Tweak – for iPhone

Five Icon Dock for iPhone

The first Cydia tweak we'll look at is Five Icon Dock. It's a free tweak that works best for iPhone because it just extends the icon dock to include just ONE more icon there. That's why it's Five Icon Dock.

Five Icon Dock is on Cydia's default repo and is developed by Suarik himself.  It works for the iPhone and you don't need to configure anything: it just works out of the box.

Infinidock Cydia Tweak ($1.99, BigBoss)

Infinidock for iPhone

If you're looking to add more than 5 or 6 icons, Infinidock is the answer, although it's a paid tweak. Regardlessly, this is one of the most popular tweaks out there and adds so much functionality to the iPad, especially, that several thousands of people use it.

Infinidock has conflicts with Five Icon Dock so you'll have to remove one to add another.

At its core, Infinidock lets you add as many icons as possible to the doc (as many as 16 can be added). A typical icon dock on the iPhone will look cluttered if you added more than 5 and on the iPad, that number is 9. Still, the choice is yours.

After you install the tweaks and enable them, to add more icons to the dock you follow the same process.

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