How to Add Location to Photos and Videos in Photos App in Mac OS X

Photos app of Mac OS X can now organize your photos and videos depending on their location info. Here we will guide how to add location info, check it out.

Organizing your photos with their location info was not possible until the Apple released OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. With that update, organizing photos in the Photos app became a lot easier. You can now arrange your album according to the location you clicked them.

You might have some photos in the app that contains the location info while there are some without the info. So before proceeding with the guide, we will need to sort out all the photos without location info, so it would be easy to add details to them. This can be done by creating a smart album. So let’s understand how to do it.

How to Add Location to Photos and Videos on Mac

How to Create Smart Album with Photos Without Location

Step #1. Open the Photos app on Mac and click on File followed by New Smart Album.

Create New Smart Album in Photos App on Mac

Step #2. Give your Smart Album a name by entering it in the field → Below the Smart Album field, under the “Match the following conditions,” select Photos in the first field → Right beside where you selected “Photos“, select “is not” → At the last option, select “Tagged with GPS” and click “OK.”

Select Photo is not Tagged with GPS in Mac OS X

That’s it; the album is created. Just add photos and videos to the library and the Smart Album will scan if the photo or video is tagged with location info. The album will add only photos and videos that are not tagged with location information. So now, you have sorted out your photos without GPS information. Let’s check how to add location info to all these photos and videos.

How to Add Location to Photos and Videos in Mac OS X

Step #1. In the Photos app, select the Smart Album we just created and click on any of the images.

Step #2. Keep the photo selected and hit Command+I to get the info of the file.

Step #3. Now click the field that says “Assign Location.”

Click on Assign Location in Photos App on Mac

Step #4. Type in the location in the field and Photos app will automatically provide you with the suggestion. Please note, this information is derived from Apple Maps and thus, needs you to be connected to the internet.

Step #5. Click on the location from the suggestions provided and then press the Return key on your keyboard.

Add Location to Photos and Videos on Mac

Voila! You have successfully added location details to the photo. Repeat the same process with videos or other photos in Smart Album to add location details.

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