How to Add a Light/Dark Mode Switch on Mac Running macOS Mojave

Now you can easily create and add a light/dark mode switch on your Mac dock. Follow a simple guide with easy steps and you can add a light/dark mode switch to your Mac.

Dark Mode on your latest macOS Mojave is a blessing for those who work till late at night. But then coming back to the normal mode or light mode takes users from the same procedure to follow on their Mac. A better option is to add light and dark mode switch to your Mac dock.

It takes only a few steps to create a light/dark mode switch on your Mac’s dock. This will save a lot of time of yours.

How to Switch from Light to Dark Mode Using a Button on Mac Dock

Step #1. First off, open Automator from Spotlight Search.

Open Automator on Mac

Step #2. In case your Mac doesn’t show full Automator window, then Click on File Menu and Select New.

Open New File in Automator on Mac

Step #3. Next, click on Application as a type for your document, and then click on the Choose button.

Click on Application then Click on Choose

Step #4. A window still appears on your Mac screen. Here, see to it that Actions tab is selected → Now you are supposed to click on Utilities under Library. Then click Change System Appearance.

Click on Utilities then Click on Change System Appearance on Mac

Step #5. Now Drag Change System Appearance action to the main Automator window, where you can build your workflow.

Drag Change System Appearance in Automator on Mac

Step #6. Next, choose Toggle Light/Dark from the drop-down list.

Click on Toggle Light-Dark in Automator on Mac

Step #7. Click File from the menu and choose Save → Give the file name save it to your choice of location, and click on Save.

Save Automator File to Add Dark Mode Switch on Mac

Step #8. The procedure continues as you need to drag the saved file to Mac dock. It is an application file, and therefore, you can move it to the left of Mac dock where other applications reside.

Light-Dark Mode Switch on Mac

Step #9. When you use this switch for the first time, a pop-up message appears on your Mac: LightDarkToggle” wants access to control “System Events.” Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in “System Events,” and to perform actions within that app. Click on OK button.

Add a Light-Dark Mode Switch to Mac Dock

Now that your toggle switch is available on the dock, you can simply double click the switch to use light and dark mode from Mac dock.

That’s all friends!

You have successfully enabled a switch to use light/dark mode from Mac dock.

Summing up…

Isn’t it a cool feature? Using light and dark mode on your Mac is just a click away. Instead of going through that long process, the feature now resides on your Mac dock.

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