Add iTunes Pass Card to Wallet App on iPhone/iPad in iOS 9 [How-to]

Wallet app on iOS 9 is a one stop destination to manage your cards. Today we will walk you through on how to add iTunes Pass Card to Wallet app in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad. Refer to the guide given below

Passbook, which got a new name in iOS 9 as Wallet app, is a single stop destination to manage all your passes and cards from your iPhone & iPad. It is an exception that, the app did not receive enough appreciation as it deserved to be. There is handful of people using Wallet app, even that figure might reduce after Apple Pay is successfully operated.

Wallet app is undoubtedly a great idea, to manage all your gift cards and passes at one place. You can also sync your iTunes Pass Card to wallet app. By doing so, you can keep track of your iTunes or App store purchases more accurately, as it is updated in real-time in your Wallet app.

How to Add iTunes Pass Card to Wallet App on iPhone in iOS 9

How to Add iTunes Pass Card to Wallet App on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 9

Step #1. Open App store from your home screen.

Tap on App Store on iPhone

Step #2. Let the app load completely; by default you will be on Featured page, scroll down to bottom of the page and tap on Apple ID.

Tap on Apple ID in App Store

Step #3. You will get a small pop-up with different options, tap on the very first one that says, View Apple ID. It will ask you passcode; enter the same to proceed.

Tap on View Apple ID in iPhone

Step #4. You will now be taken to Accounts; scroll down and tap on Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.

Tap on Add iTunes Pass to Wallet on iPhone

Step #5. When you see preview of a Pass Card, tap on Add button located on top.

Step #6. Complete the process with QR code.

Now you can keep track of your spending, as well as you can top-up your iTunes Pass from Wallet app. If you are using iTunes gift card feature frequently, adding it in to Wallet will certainly help you.

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